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The Apostolic Communion of Anglican Churches

Provincial Affiliation:
Provincial affiliation requires that each Province subscribe to the Constitution and Canons, discipline and worship of the Apostolic Communion of Anglican Churches, as well as enter into formal allegiance and conformity to the same.

To apply for Provincial Affiliation, download and print out the following:

  • Covenant of Communion
  • Provincial Affiliation Agreement

Intercommunion with the Apostolic Communion of Anglican Churches:
From time to time, the ACAC enters into Intercommunion Agreements with like-minded organization. The provisions of such a relation are dictated by the Intercommunion Agreement mutually entered into by the Presiding Prelates thereof.

Those who have received a calling by God to serve Christ and His church in ordained ministry are encouraged to first seek the wisdom and advice of their Parish Priest and Diocesan Bishop. Those who are without a church home are welcome to become a member of the Abyssinian Apostolic Church, by way of completing the Online Preliminary Vocations Application.


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