The Apostolic Communion of Anglican Churches

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Apostolic Communion of Anglican Churches

We are an international Anglican Rite Jurisdiction of the Holy Order of the Apostolic Priesthood that promotes unity in the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, consisting of the Anglican Rite, Abyssinian Rite, Anglo-Catholic, Anglican Orthodox, Episcopal or Reformed Episcopal, Lutheran, Celtic Rite, Orthodox Rite and Charismatic Anglican/Episcopal Rite. We join in unity together for one purpose, which is our Lord Jesus Christ.
The Apostolic Communion Anglican Churches was initially established April 2005, and is an international faith communion of like-minded believers in Christ Jesus, sharing the rich history and heritage of the Church and exercising the freedom of multi-cultural and spiritual expression.
The Apostolic Communion of Anglican Churches constitutes an international faith society within a world-wide communion of Lay Ministers, Deacons, Priests and Bishops who desire a covering without being judged for their past. We are all Disciples of Christ dedicated to be his Apostles to preach and teach the His Gospel, uniting in faith, unity and peace with all who love the Lord and are willing to cross racial and cultural barriers.


The Apostolic Communion of Anglican Churches is an international religious communion, comprised of several Provinces, Archdiocese, Diocese and Religious Orders and Societies, and maintain their Anglican heritage and unity through joint fellowship. Our Communion is open to all who adhere to the tenants of the faith and accept the Creeds (Nicene and Apostles).

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